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Selective Eligibility Test (SET) - Year 7 Entry 2019

Those candidates who have registered for the SET test will receive an e mail on 11 September 2018.

If your email tells you that you have been allocated Wallington High School for Girls (WHSG) as your venue for the test on the 18 September


Year 7 Admissions

Wallington High school for Girls complies with the co-ordinated Admissions Scheme which is administered by the London Borough of Sutton.  Girls are normally admitted at age 11, when all students must have gained a selective place through the entrance test and placed Wallington High School for Girls on their Secondary Common Application form, in order to be eligible for admission.  There is no guarantee of a place to applicants who meet the over-subscription criteria. 

Mid Term Admissions - Year 8-11

 At present we are full and have a waiting list for places.  If you wish to apply for a midterm place at the school you need to complete a Mid Term Admission Form available to download from the London Borough of Sutton website.

Sixth Form Admissions

Please see information on the right hand side of this page.

2019 Admissions Policy

Our admissions policy for 2019 entry has now been determined. 

Click here for a summary of the main changes 

Click here for the policy