Poppy Appeal Launch Day 2015

On Thursday 22 October  an officer and four cadets from Wilson’s School CCF represented CCFs in London District at the official launch of the 2015 Poppy Appeal.  They joined veterans and servicemen and women in a parade from St John Smith Square to Downing Street where the “first poppy of the Year” was presented to the Prime minster Rt Hon David Cameron. Following the parade the four cadets were filmed holding cards with their ideas about the definition of the word “brave” for a music video for the country band the Shires who are performing this year’s poppy appeal official song. 

In order of appearance - Sgt Carr, Sgt Nawaz, Sgt Sagrott and LCpl McEvoy (WHSG)


Remembrance Day parade in Croydon - Saturday 7 November

The youtube clip below shows 130 of the Wilson's CCF which includes 30 of our students.


Joint JNCOs Cadre - October Half Term 2015

From Sunday to Wednesday to Sunday of half term, Wilson’s School CCF hosted a Joint Junior NCO’s cadre. We have invited cadets from other CCFs have been invited to join us for the last three years, to develop their leadership skills. This year cadets from Wilson’s and Wallington Girls were joined by a number from The Glyn/City of London Freemen’s CCF Partnership and Kingham Hill School.

The cadets were expected to consider and present on the topic which of the values of the British Army, famous leaders had demonstrated, compete on a March and Shoot Competition, complete various challenging, time limited command tasks, prepare and deliver a lecturette on a Victoria Cross Winner, deliver a drill lesson to their peers, take part in Exercise Guthrie a section attack and casualty evacuation exercise, present a second lecturette on a topic of their choice and compete in an obstacle course competition. Throughout the week each student was expected to take up command appointments and their assessment was constantly assessed.  We were pleased to welcome Col Ian Dennison, Colonel, Cadets, London District on the Tuesday who met the staff and cadets involved. He was impressed by what he had seen in terms of cooperation, professionalism and enthusiasm and was particularly impressed by the lecturette on feminism delivers by LCpl C Roberts (WHSG) which he felt showed a maturity and confidence beyond her years, especially when fielding challenging questions from the officers present and she was announced as best student from Wallington Girls.  However,  Major Burton commended all the students on the course for all they achieved.

Range Camp

As the JNCOs Cadre finished, the range camp began, with forty Wilson’s and Wallington cadets arriving at Crowborough on Wednesday afternoon and immediately embarking on a carousel of training which included the 25m barrack range, the indoor range and the obstacle course.

The following day they boarded a coach for Hythe ranges for a classification shoot at 100m and 200m with more cadets passing the shoot that any time in the history of the camp.

RAF Air Cadet Leadership Course

Three cadets from Wilson’s School CCF attended the Junior Air Cadet Leadership Course, for cadets and Junior NCOs. Cdts Lewis and S Ganguli from WHSG and Cdt Bahra, attended this prestigious course. They spent much of their time learning method of instruction, working hard at their drill and turn out and practicing both completing and leading command tasks. A challenging but fun week which stretched them as aspiring Junior NCOs ended with three very pleasing reports, the highlight of which was Cadet Lewis’ who received the highest possible grade. Congratulations to all three.

RAF Odiham Station Visit

A number of junior RAF section cadets spent a day at RAF Odiham during the half term. They had hoped to get some air experience flights at the home of the Chinook helicopter, but the weather was against them. However a good time was had regardless as RAF Odiham yet again opened its doors to our cadets and provided a tour of the many of the different aspects of an RAF Station.