Catch Up Premium 

The Catch Up Premium is a grant of £500 for every student that arrives at our school with a Key Stage 2 level below a level 4 for either mathematics or English (reading).

The money is spent helping students to improve their mathematics or reading to help them access all of the Key Stage 3 curriculum.


We currently do not have any students on roll in Year 7 who achieved less than a level 4 in KS2 mathematics or English (reading).


We received £500 in the academic year 2013/14 for one student (Student A) who had attained level 3 English Reading in her KS2 SATs.   

The money partially funded a main-scale English Teacher to run ‘Literacy Mentoring’, a timetabled targeted intervention. A fortnightly hour-long session after school for the entire year that supported students who had been identified as needing extra help in literacy.  Student A attended these sessions.

Impact:  Student A had a Teacher Assessed English Level of 5 at the end of Year 7.