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Wallington High School for Girls

Wallington High School for Girls

'A strong learning community. Pupils are proud of their school. The broad curriculum and high prior attainment of pupils lead to strong achievement.' OFSTED 2019

Pastoral Care

We believe that the pastoral care of each individual in the school community is of the greatest importance. Therefore we have a highly developed pastoral system to ensure that every student’s progress towards becoming a well-rounded individual is closely monitored.

We provide dedicated professional staff for students to confide in if they have concerns or worries. In most instances the student will approach his Form Tutor who is central to his life at the school. The relationship between Form Tutor and student is developed through daily contact in the Personal and Social Health Education and Citizenship lessons and with their Head of Year through assemblies and other organised events throughout the year.

Parents will also have the opportunity to build relationships with the Form Tutor through parents’ evenings, contact by telephone, email or letter or via the students’ planner.

We uphold values of respect and pride in our school and in ourselves. Therefore we expect students to address members of staff and each other with courtesy and to behave impeccably. We have established firm boundaries, which students know and understand.

Our Behaviour Policy can be found on the School Policies page or can be viewed directly by clicking here.

Our Pastoral Team and Year Group

Mrs M German
Assistant Head
Safeguarding Lead


Mrs A Woodvine 
Joint HO Year 8

Mrs K Wadsworth
Joint HO Year 8



Miss P Pye
Head of Year 9

Mrs K Bates
Head of Year 10
Miss L Finnigan
Head of Year 11

Miss C Muir
Head of year 7

Dr S Wallis
Head of Year 13


Mrs T Borrageiro-Maier
Deputy Head of Y13

Mrs V Watson
Head of year 12

Miss  H Purvis
Deputy Head of Year 12



Miss C Nwankwo
School Counsellor

Mrs C Beaumont
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant


Contact the team

Mrs M German -

Mrs A Woodvine -

Mrs K Wadsworth -

Miss P Pye -

Mrs Bates -

Miss Finnigan -

Mrs Stockley -

Dr S Wallis -

Mrs T Borrageiro-Maier -

Mrs V Watson -

Mrs K Parkinson -

Miss C Nwankwo -

Mrs C Beaumont -

Care, Guidance and Support

We pride ourselves on our outstanding pastoral care throughout the school.   The following services ensure that your daughter is well cared for:

Form Tutor – every student is in a form group with a tutor who will stay with them throughout their time at the school.   The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for parents and someone who will know your daughter very well both emotionally and academically.

Year Co-ordinator – they will oversee all the students within a Year Group to ensure that they are able to progress as well, if not better, than expected.   They oversee all aspects of care, guidance and support within their year group.

Student Support Services:

  • Medical facilities and support – We are very privileged to have a well-equipped medical room.   In case of medical emergency we have a large team of trained first aiders on call.   We also have an attached nurse from the Sutton Nursing Service in school one day each week to help educate the students about their health and wellbeing and for support with medical issues.
  • School Counsellor – Via referral from the Heads of Year, the Counsellor will provide emotional support and guidance for students with tier 2 specific social and emotional needs.  Please click here for details of the Counselling Service at WHSG.
  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) – Via referral from the Heads of Year, the ELSA will provide support for students with tier 1 social and emotional needs.   This may be small group or individual support.
  • Data and Attendance Assistant – has responsibility for monitoring attendance and punctuality and supporting parents in maintaining excellence in these areas.

Parents’ Information Evenings – will  be held at the start of the year to highlight important information for that academic year.  

Form Tutor Evenings – will be held in the Autumn Term, for you to meet your daughter’s Form Tutor and discuss how well she has settled into school life at Wallington.  

Parents’ Evenings – during the year you will have a Parents’ Evening, where you will be able to discuss your daughter’s progress with her teachers.

Child Protection

What to do if you think a child is being abused

Kindly refer to the GLT Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - please click here to access.