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Wallington High School for Girls

Wallington High School for Girls

'A strong learning community. Pupils are proud of their school. The broad curriculum and high prior attainment of pupils lead to strong achievement.' OFSTED 2019

Remote Education

Remote Education at WHSG during Lockdown 

No change to the school timetable. Students will continue to receive the same number of lessons in each subject as they would expect if in school. Where possible, at least one in two lessons will be live and conducted over MS Teams. Work will be set by teachers for the non-live lessons. To better meet their unique curriculum needs, practical subjects (e.g. Art, Tech, PE, etc.) may deviate from the one in two live lesson rule. To maintain routines and provide for an orderly return to school, the established Autumn school timings stays in effect. Form time will take place twice a week, typically on a Monday or Friday morning.  

The following documents detail the topics being taught this term and recommend resources.  

Year 7 Lockdown Curriculum

Year 8 Lockdown Curriculum

Year 9 Lockdown Curriculum

Year 10 Lockdown Curriculum

Year 11 Lockdown Curriculum

Year 12 Lockdown Curriculum

Year 13 Lockdown Curriculum

The primary means by which students will access remote education is through Outlook calendar. Departments may use our virtual learning environment (FROG) to support delivery of the curriculum. Therefore, it is recommended that at the beginning of each school day students open both Outlook calendar, MS Teams and FROG.  

Students are expected to attend all live lessons, complete work set in non-live lessons and any homework. Parents/carers will be notified of any unauthorised absence from live lessons or persistent failure to meet deadlines. There are several ways in which students will be asked to submit work (e.g. FROG, email, OneDrive, MS Forms, etc.). It is for each teacher to choose the most appropriate method and clearly communicate it to their class. Students will continue to receive regular feedback on their learning, but it is important to note that there are many ways in which effective feedback can be generated (e.g. automated tests, peer, whole-class, etc.).  

In the first instance, if your daughter is having any difficulties with accessing remote education please encourage her to contact her form tutor. 

We will continue to seek feedback on our provision and make changes when appropriate. If you have any comments to pass on please send them to Mr. Donnelly.