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Wallington High School for Girls

Wallington High School for Girls

'A strong learning community. Pupils are proud of their school. The broad curriculum and high prior attainment of pupils lead to strong achievement.' OFSTED 2019

Staff List


Senior Leadership Team WHSG Staff Teaching Subject
Acting Headteacher Mrs C Godyn Maths
Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead Miss M Gough P.E
Assistant Headteacher & Director of Sixth Form Ms H Emkes Art & Theology and Philosophy
(Acting) Assistant Headteacher and Director of Sixth Form Mrs S Collins Phyiscal Education
Assistant Headteacher & Curriculum and Standards Mr J Donnelly Government and Politics & Theology and Philosophy
Assistant Headteacher of Co-Curricular and Academic Support Mr J Parkinson Biology


Heads of Year  
Head of Year 13 Miss L Sepanya
Assistant Head of Year 13 Mrs T Borrageiro-Maier
Head of Year 12

Mrs K Parkinson

Mrs J Waight

Assistant Head of Year 12 Ms B Sanda
Head of Year 11 Ms S Khan
Head of Year 10 Mrs K Bates
Head of Year 9 Ms C Muir
Head of Year 8 Mrs H Vaz
Head of Year 7 Mrs K Wadsworth & Mrs R Chatfield


Arts Faculty Staff
Director of Arts, PE & Music Mrs S Collins
Head of Department Mrs V Moore
  Mrs C O'Connell
  Ms C Gelly
PE & Dance  
Head of Department Mrs S Collins
  Mrs K Bates
  Mrs A Woodvine
  Miss J Lake
  Mrs K Parkinson
  Mrs K Wadsworth
  Miss M Gough
  Mrs J Waight
Head of Department Mrs M Ngobi
  Mrs K Gunn


English Faculty  Staff
Director of English, Drama, Media & Classical Civilisation Mrs K Broadbent
Head of Department Mrs K Broadbent
Head of KS5 Mr S Breed
Head of KS4 Ms M Javaid
Head of KS3 Miss W Williams
  Ms V Alvarez
  Ms S Khan
  Ms C Muir
  Ms V Keohane
  Ms E Cooper
Head of Department Ms T Borrageiro-Maier
  Mrs K Broadbent
  Miss T Katesmark
Head of Department Ms S Khan
  Mrs T Borrageiro-Maier
Classical Civilisation  
Head of Department Mr B Boyten


Humanities Faculty Staff
Director of Humanities Mrs A Etherington
Acting Director of Humanities Mr M Durant
Head of Department Mrs J Henderson
  Mr M Durant
  Miss H Purvis
Head of Department Mr S Lawrence
  Mr J Carter
  Miss R Chatfield
Business Studies & Economics  
Head of Department Miss L Edwards
  Ms B Sanda
Theology & Philosophy  
Head of Department Mrs A Etherington
Acting Head of Department Mrs K Bochenski
  Mrs K Stockley
  Mr J Donnelly
  Ms C McLuckie
  Mrs P Copeland


Languages Faculty Staff
Director of Languages  Dr S Wallis
Head of German Mrs F Walters
Head of Spanish

Mr C Bermudez Caro       

Mrs R Rivadeneira Cabalin

  Miss M Iniesta Escudero
  Ms P Pye
  Mrs J Silmar
  Mrs K Hopgood
  Ms L Spindler


Science Faculty Staff
Director of Science Mr L Sanderson
Head of Biology Mrs H Isaac
Deputy Head of Biology  Dr L Dalton-Griffin
Head of Chemistry Mrs M Horton
Deputy Head of Chemistry Mrs K Hughes
Head of KS3 Science Mrs A Stylianou
Head of Physics Miss S Bean
  Mr J Parkinson
  Mr C Daws
  Mrs H Isaac
  Miss D Almehaideb
  Dr Z Kassam
  Mrs J Haxby
  Mrs K Merrick
  Dr V Walters
  Mr C Thorp
  Mr E Pattison
  Ms A Nielen
  Mr D McCausland
  Mr S Coton
  Mrs A Worley
Head of Department Miss H Clayton
  Mrs L Hackin
Head of Department Miss H Clayton
  Mrs L Hackin
  Mrs R Whitely-Beckford


Maths Faculty Staff
Director of Maths, Computing and Technology Mrs L Blaiklock
Head of Maths

Mrs L Blaiklock

Head of KS5 Mrs P Bird
Head of KS4  Mrs L Davis
Head of KS3  Mrs H Waterman
  Mrs B Zaidi
  Mrs C Godyn
  Ms L Sepanya
  Mrs S Hussain
  Mrs J Jacob
  Ms F Khan 
  Ms E Joshua
  Miss S Tucker
  Mrs R Mughal
  Mrs K Shah
Design & Technology  
Head of Department Mr A Slight
  Mr A Ghundale
  Miss H Stooke
  Ms C Gallagher Byatt
Food & Nutrition  
Head of Department Mrs S Beales
Head of Department Mr A Ghundale
  Mrs S Krissan
  Miss M Gough
  Ms B Sanda


Teaching Departments Staff
Head of PSHCE Mrs K Stockley Mrs A Griffin
Head of EPQ Mr J Parkinson
  Mr B Boyten


Support Staff  
Headteacher's PA Mrs C Kinchington
Receptionist Mrs C Clancy Bloom
Receptionist Mrs H McGullion
Premises Team  
Premises Manager Mr A Coombes
Premises Assistant Mr D White
Premises Assistant Mr K Anderson
Premises Assistant Mr J Stockwell
IT Support  
Senior IT Technician Mr D Carr
Trust Data Officer Mrs C Rosenberg
Attendance & Data   
Attendance & Data Assistant KS3 & KS4 Mrs M Andrews
Attendance & Data Assistant KS5 -Sixth Form & UCAS Administrator Miss J Day
Exams Officer Mrs E Penman
Exams Officer Mrs S Barnard
First Aid & Reprographics & Lunchtime Supervisors  
Reprographics and First Aid Officer Ms D Newell
First Aid Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs K Angadi
Library Resources Manager Mrs K Reilly
Library Supervisor Miss R Radford
Art Technician Mrs R Woodford
Design & Technology Technician Mrs S Elelman
Design & Technology Technician Mr L Pencil
Senior Science Technician Mrs R Banu
Chemistry prep Technician Mrs R Banu
Physics prep Technician Mr J Nasiruddin
Science Technician Mrs M Ponkshe
Science Technician Mrs P Maniar
Science Technician Mrs P Singh
Student Support  
SENCO Ms C McLuckie
Assistant SENCO Dr S Wallis
Student Counsellor Mrs C Nwankwo
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant Mrs C Beaumont
Student Support Officer/Deputy DSL (KS5) Mrs S McCormack
Student Support Officer (KS4) Ms S Wilson
Student Support Officer (KS3) Mrs T Corfield
Inclusion Assistant Mrs C Cuxton
Careers Leader Mr J Parkinson
Careers Co-ordinator Mrs L Parkinson
Events and Communications  
Cover & CPD Co-ordinator  Mrs A Hui
Enrichment Officer Mrs J Shan
Events & Communications Manager Miss T Aldemir